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Transforming mental health in our communities. Reinventing the way providers work.

A $520 Billion Problem

Millions of people in the US have unmet behavioral health needs. This gap, combined with the finding that treating patients with a mental health condition triples costs of care, presents an opportunity for telemental-health to make a radical impact on healthcare outcomes and costs.

Evidence accumulated over six decades shows that videoconferencing-based telepsychiatry is an acceptable and feasible form of providing mental health-care.

World Journal of Psychiatry. 2015 September 22; 5(3): 286-304

Regroup Delivers Seamless Behavioral Health Services

Regroup offers an innovative clinical model that integrates seamlessly with the existing workflows and processes of each health entity partner. We credential our providers with each partner, allowing direct access to the health record and full coordination with the care team.

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Telepsychiatry has been shown to be feasible in a wide range of settings, across a complement of psychiatric treatments, in different ethnic groups and populations, and in all age ranges, from child to geriatric psychiatry.

The American Journal of Psychiatry. 2013; 170:256–262.

Full Spectrum Behavioral Health

Regroup can augment and expand your team by providing access to a complete range of mental and behavioral health services in a variety of settings.

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