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Regroup provides "virtual staffing" of psychiatrists, advanced psychiatric nurses, therapists and other mental health professionals. Sign up to learn more about becoming a Regroup clinician and be alerted about opportunities that might be a good fit for you.

Committed to Accessible Mental Healthcare

Regroup Therapy addresses behavioral health clinician shortages by connecting clinicians with those who need their help. We provide "virtual staffing" of psychiatrist and therapists directly into health care entities. Sign up to learn more and be notified when opportunities arise that might be a good fit for you.

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Clinician Benefits

Clinical Integration

Our psychiatrists and therapists greatly value that Regroup empowers them to practice as similarly as possible to how they would if they were physically present, ensuring continuity of care, care team integration, EMR access, and in-person support.

Serve the Underserved

Regroup Therapy's mission is to enhance access to high quality mental health care when and where it is needed. We connect clinicians to populations that otherwise would face significant barriers to receiving mental health care.


Regroup Therapy works with clinicians to develop schedules across an array of clinical settings that match their individual lifestyles and preferences. We offer clinicians the flexibility to work from home, or any other location with a strong internet connection.

About Becoming a Regroup Clinician

Regroup provides health entity customers ("our partners") with "virtual staffing" of behavioral health clinicians via a video platform optimized for the unique needs of mental health. We only do behavioral health and we do it well.

Who are Regroup Clinicians?

Regroup is constantly hiring top quality psychiatrists, child/adolescent psychiatrists, advanced psychiatric nurses, therapists, and other behavioral health professionals

How does it work?

Regroup clinicians are staffed directly into our partners to see patients during specific blocks of time. Clinicians are paid by Regroup either by the hour or on a salaried basis. Our partners submit on your behalf to be reimbursed by payers.

Why become a Regroup Clinician?

Regroup offers a flexible schedule, geographic flexibility, a clinically integrated model that prioritizes clinical quality and consistency of patient-clinician relationships, and competitive pay and benefits.

When will I be scheduled?

Regroup can find you a clinical assignment for as short as 2 hours per week up to full-time. Once you are assigned a given block of time the assignment would remain consistent each week (with breaks for vacation and holidays of course!).

Regroup Free Video Platform

Regroup has an easy-to-use video platform that schedules, tracks and connects clinicians with their patients. If you need a HIPAA-compliant video platform, create an account to use of Regroup's video service in your private practice free of charge.

Use Free Video Platform

"I appreciate the opportunity to work with Regroup Therapy. Many of the clients I have seen have never had mental health care because they had no access to it due to cost, location, or even knowing it could be an option for them."